Comprehensive Grant Funding and Project Management Solutions

At Community Development Partners, LLC, we specialize in leveraging diversified financial resources to minimize the local funds our clients invest in their projects.

Our expertise in handling the complexities of multiple funding sources, such as coordinating drawdown and reimbursement, compliance auditing, and closing out each funding source, is unmatched.

Our deep understanding of State and Federal Grant and Loan Programs honed through hands-on experience enables us to effectively combine and use these programs for our clients' projects. We have established strong relationships with various agencies, allowing us to tailor these programs to our clients' specific needs.

Emergency Management Planning
Economic Development Through Infrastructure

Water & Sewer Infrastructure Planning

Recognizing that water and sewer improvements are among the most significant infrastructure costs a community can incur, we work closely with your engineers and funding agencies.

Our goal is to develop a capital improvements program that addresses your needs systematically and logically, whether you opt for major improvements or phased upgrades.

Driving Economic Development Through Infrastructure

Infrastructure plays a crucial role in the economic stability and growth of a community. Community Development Partners, LLC works with your community to develop long-term plans for infrastructure improvements that will enhance your community's marketability and readiness for commercial and industrial growth.

Emergency Management Planning

In an era of heightened awareness and expectation for emergency services, we guide communities in improving and growing their emergency management operations. Despite the high costs associated with technological advances in this field, we help communities meet these expectations.

Recreational Services Planning

As the demand for recreational services grows, communities, both small and large, face the challenging task of providing public venues for sports, community gatherings, and other recreational activities. We at Community Development Partners, LLC understand the constraints of local budgets and assist communities in planning for multiple-use park and recreational facilities.